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Vermed ECG Electrodes feature a unique hydrogel that is designed to stay fresh for up to 30 days once the resealable bulk pouch or pack is open.

An Electrode for Every Application

Vermed Electrodes are changing the pace of hospital care through enduring innovation. With cost and performance in mind, our ECG electrodes are rapidly becoming a vital component in every hospital department. From ClearScan™ technology for accuracy in the Cath Lab to SofTouch™ electrodes for everyday patient comfort and care - welcome to the Vermed experience.


Our Electrode Anatomy
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Vermed ECG Electrodes Performance Plus

In critical diagnostic situations, use one of Vermed's PerformancePlus™ electrodes to ensure quality readings, zero artifact and no repeat procedures.

PerformancePlus™ electrodes are available in tape, cloth or foam in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. An assortment of no-waste packaging options are also available to fit your facility’s usage. Try our PerformancePlus™ electrode for EKG Diagnostic & Stress and Holter Testing,

Resting EKG Tab Electrodes Choose our SilveRest™ electrode for Resting EKG Electrodes~Echo. Our SilveRest™ Tab electrodes for resting EKG provide excellent adhesion and quality traces. Our silver/silver chloride coating and conductive adhesive gel provide an electrode that meets or exceeds the AAMI standard for disposable pre-gelled EKG electrodes


Vermed's Versatrode+ Snap n' Tab Electrodes and SimplySnap Offset Electrodes are specially designed to feature an intuitive application process and are versatile for use throughout multiple departments.

EMS EKG ElectrodesVermed ECG Monitoring~Diagnostic products are designed specifically for the Emergency Medical Services field of service. Try our ECG for EMS electrode for ECG Monitoring~Diagnostic.
Versatrode ECG Electrodes

Vermed's VersaTrode™ line of disposable ECG electrodes are the ideal choice for all adult cardiac monitoring and diagnostic applications. Each VersaTrode™ is designed to work in all procedures: Stress Test, Long Term Monitoring, Short Term Monitoring or Resting ECG.

Reduce inventories by choosing one VersaTrode™ as your "House" electrode. VersaTrode™ electrodes are available in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes to satisfy your preference.

ClearScan Radiolucent ECG Electrodes

Vermed Radiolucent ECG products are available in foam, cloth or tape, and various sizes and packaging configurations, and some are available as solid gel or wet get types.

Try our ClearScan™ electrode for Monitoring/Diagnostic Electrodes for Cath Lab/MRI/EP

ECG Electrodes for Sensitive Skin

SofTouch™ ECG electrodes for use on patients with sensitive skin. Recommended for all cardiac monitoring and diagnostic procedures.

Vermed's SofTouch™ electrodes are designed for patients with sensitive skin needs. This specialty electrode is great for patients who have had reactions to your primary electrode or for elderly patients. It's large size and gentle materials make it the perfect option for sensitive skin patients in cardiac rehab.

Guardian ECG Electrodes for Longterm Monitoring

Vermed's Guardian™ ECG monitoring electrodes are designed for use in ICU/CCU and other long-term applications. Guardian™ electrodes are available in soft cloth, breathable tape or occlusive foam.

They also use low chloride liquid gel and hypoallergenic adhesives to reduce the possibility of irritation associated with long-term use. For quality readings in all of your critical monitoring situations choose Guardian™ from Vermed.

Pediatric and Neonatal ECG Electrodes

Vermed Neonatal and Pediatric ECG electrodes use gentle adhesives, conforming materials and are available in varying sizes and shapes to meet all of your monitoring needs.

Vermed TenderTrode Plus™ electrodes for Neonatal monitoring are designed for high humidity environments and have a GUARANTEED WEAR TIME OF 5 DAYS! Put us to the test today.

ClearScan Radiolucent ECG Electrodes

Vermed's new line of repositionable disposable electrodes for use in Sleep Studies, EMG, NCS and EP.

NeuroPlus 43 is a small (2.5 cm square), aggressive electrode designed for easy placement and superior adhesion. Specially formulated adhesive solid gel ensures full sensor contact and excellent readings.

NeuroPlus 40, 41 and 42 are designed with a more gentle adhesive gel for use in sensitive areas. Specially formulated adhesive gel is also repositionable to ensure proper placement.

Z Brand ECG ElectrodesVermed’s ZBrand monitoring electrode line was developed to meet the requirements of the entire Hospital from nursing staff to administration. Vermed’s 30+ years of experience in gel technology, adhesives and manufacturing, coupled with an attractive price point, make the ZBrand an economic solution for a quality electrode line.

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