If you are interested in the AxoTrack® technology and do not already have a SonoSite ultrasound system or an AxoTrack® transducer, contact Fujifilm SonoSite at 1.425.951.1200 to arrange a personal demonstration.

The AxoTrack® Technology is composed of two components: a specialized transducer and a sterile procedure kit.

Together, they help to enhance your confidence and control during ultrasound-guided interventional procedures. The magnet in the needle interacts with sensors in the transducer to let you plot and reach your target easily while observing the needle's progress in real time from start to finish.

Once your target is reached, engage the specially designed needle clamp to secure your needle tip in place during critical moments.

Designed to make your Vascular Access procedures faster and more precise.

  • Easily plot desired needle trajectory.
  • Observe a clear path to the target via the magnet interacting with sensors in the transducer.
  • Gain real-time information about the needle tip position.

Maintain Precise control with real-time visualization from start to finish. Clamp the needle in place during guidewire passage allowing higher first-pass success rates than alternative methods.

Fujifilm SonoSite & Vermed

Performance Plus ElectrodesRecently, Fujifilm SonoSite (FFSS) entered into an agreement with Vermed to take sole responsibility for
providing supplies and dedicated customer service for the AxoTrack® Sterile Procedure Kits. This change will take effect July 1, 2016, making Vermed your preferred supplier.

Vermed is excited to continue to enhance clinicians’ confidence and control during ultrasound-guided needle placement procedures.

While Vermed will supply your needs for consumable AxoTrack® Sterile Procedure Kits, FFSS maintains deep expertise in the hardware and clinical application of your ultrasound systems and transducers. For existing ultrasound system and transducer support, Fujifilm SonoSite Technical Support is available any time at 1.877.657.8118.

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First Pass Success Rate
after 15 minutes of training

Point and Shoot Vascular Access in 3 easy steps to increase your accuracy and confidence

USGIV Overall Subclavian Internal Jugular
With AxoTrack® 99% 98% 100%
Conventional 37% 22% 53%

Point-and-shoot vascular access in three steps

Step One: Plan the Approach

  • Select the optimal window for vascular access and align the on-screen target line with the intended target.

Step Two: Position the Needle

  • Advance the needle through the guide until the target is accessed. Engage the needle clamp to stabilize the needle tip in the vein.

Step Three: Pass the Guidewire

  • Aspirate to confirm needle tip position and observe guidewire passage

Advanced Technology for Simple Needle Guidance

The AxoTrack® System is composed of two primary components: a specialized transducer and a disposable sterile procedure kit. axotrack diagram