Disposable Safety Scalpels

Disposable safety scalpels use a unique polymer coating to reduce tissue drag and trauma.  The clear safety sheath offers complete visibility and incorporates a convenient thumb rest for ease of use.  The sheath retracts fully to expose the entire blade.  Easy open and close with simple locking/unlocking mechanism for safe passes. This safety scalpel is engineered with a permanent lock for safe disposal.  The handle is equipped with a customized ruler.

Disposable safety scalpels are available in a wide range of sizes.  The larger sizes are designed with a strong stiff custom plastic handle making it ideal for use by histotechs, pathologists, organ banks and morticians.

Safety Scalpel Anatomy
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Unique Polymer Coated Blade Technology

Reduces tissue drag and trauma for a cleaner cut.

Six Blade Sizes

Satisfy the majority of your clinician's procedures and preferences with a wide selection of blade sizes.

Permanently Lock Blade

Permanently lock the blade by pushing sheath past the closed position for safe disposal.

Satisfy OSHA Requirements

Satisfy OSHA's requirements to "identify, evaluate and implement safer medical devices" under the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act (Pub. L 106-430) was signed into law on November 6, 2000 by avoiding clinician contact with the blade.

Item # Blade Reference Description #/Box #/Case Add To Cart
32028618 SMI1/73-0610 #10 Blade
More traditional, curved blade shape
Generally used for small incisions in skin or muscle
10 120 Add To Cart
32028619 SMI1/73-0611 #11 Blade
An elongated triangular blade sharpened along the hypotenuse edge.
Ideal for stab incisions
10 120 Add To Cart
32028620 SMI1/73-0615 #15 Blade
A small, curved blade shape
Ideal for short and precise incisions
10 120 Add To Cart
32028621 SMI1/73-0620 #20 Blade
A larger version of the #10 blade
Used for general surgical procedures
10 120 Add To Cart
32028622 SMI1/73-0621 #21 Blade
An extra large version of the # 10 blade.
Used for general surgical procedures
10 120 Add To Cart
32028623 SMI1/73-0622 #22 Blade
Our largest blade.
Used for general surgical procedures
10 120 Add To Cart

Instructions For Use

Passing Closed

Scalpel is in this position upon removal from the package and can be safely passed.


To open for use, place the thumb on top of the sheath and retract until blade is exposed and shield is secured.

Guard / Closed

To close but not permanently lock the blade, place thumb on top of the sheath and push forward to the first catch. Scalpel may be reopened and closed again for safety.


With the thumb on top of the sheath, push forward past the guard / closed position (first catch) to the locked position. Blade is safely covered and permanently locked for disposal.

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