General Cardiac Monitoring Electrodes

Facility Charts

Vermed is your single source for thermal papers used in the lab, pharmacy and refrigeration departments. No other supplier can match our product offering for recording charts and rolls used throughout a healthcare facility.

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7G32018706 Sterilizer Chart Getinge™ 61301600005 2.250" x 107' (8/pk)  
7G32018764 Sterilizer Chart Getinge™ 61301601272 2.360" x 70'  
7G32016952 Sterilizer Chart Steris™ P129362-819 2.25" x 157' (3/box)  
7G32016258 Sterilizer Chart Steris™ P129359-008 2.280" x 75' (5/box)  
7G32018938 Lab Rolls AR-42 50MM x 100  
7G32018666 Lab Rolls Instrumentation Labs™ GEM 5508 59.5MM x 90'  
7G10794536 Lab Rolls 3M 78-6145-9005-3 4.4375" x 80'  
7G31071676 Lab Rolls Pyxis™ - Plain Roll - 4.438" X 100'  
7G32018358 Lab Rolls Siemens / Clinitek™ 5773 2.240" x 79'  
7G32018703 Lab Rolls Siemens / Clinitek™ 4398 4.370" x 80'
7G32018780 Lab Rolls Dade-Behring™ D829 4-23/64" x 328'  
7G32019289 Lab Rolls Siemens™ 101404 2.250" x 150'  
7G32030154 Bloodbank & Freezer Helmer™ HE-220064 (52 charts/bx)  
7G32031196 Bloodbank & Freezer Helmer™ HE-220273 (52 charts/bx)  
7G32017895 Bloodbank & Freezer Helmer™ HE-220366 (52 charts/bx)  
7G32017916 Bloodbank & Freezer Helmer™ HE-220419 (52 charts/bx)  
7G20626356 Bloodbank & Freezer Honeywell™ BN  30755317-001 (Truline) - 100charts/bx  
7G30539533 Bloodbank & Freezer Honeywell™ BN  30755820 - 25charts/bx  
7G10890631 Bloodbank & Freezer Instron™  INS 3710-027  
7G30956174 Bloodbank & Freezer Jewett™  JT RDR019 (55 charts/bx)  
7G30956166 Bloodbank & Freezer Jewett™  JT RDR020 (52 charts/bx)  
7G30956133 Bloodbank & Freezer Jewett™  JT RDR021 (52 charts/bx)  
7G31405767 Bloodbank & Freezer Jewett™  JT RDR068 (52 charts/bx)  
7G31405791 Bloodbank & Freezer Jewett™  JT RDR069 (52 charts/bx)  
7G10390558 Bloodbank & Freezer Linear Instruments™ LNR 0100-0011  
7G10232230 Bloodbank & Freezer Linear Instruments™ LNR 0100-0025  
7G10557347 Bloodbank & Freezer MP  82-39-0202-06 Red (PEN)  
7G10557636 Bloodbank & Freezer MP  82-39-0306-06 Purple (PEN)  
7G30683828 Bloodbank & Freezer MP  82-32-0322-05  Red (PEN)  
7G00966077 Bloodbank & Freezer United Electric UD 6282-161 (50 charts/bx)  
7G00960831 Bloodbank & Freezer United Electric UD 6282-169 (50 charts/bx)  
7G00962449 Bloodbank & Freezer United Electric UD 6282-176 (50 charts/bx)  
7G00965970 Bloodbank & Freezer United Electric UD 6282-240 (50 charts/bx)  
7G01159524 Bloodbank & Freezer Yokogawa™ YOK B9565AW  
7G30695418 Bloodbank & Freezer Yokogawa™ YOK BB9627AY  
7G30769767 Bloodbank & Freezer Yokogawa™ B9627AZ  YOK 64-11-500V-01 (PEN)  

If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable customer service department at 1.800.669.4428, or contact your local Sales Rep. In addition to the stock of every leading OEM chart paper, we can manufacture customer specific sizes and configurations with low minimum order quantities. Please contact us to find, or develop the chart paper for your required application.

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