Vermed Grounding Pads

SWAROPLATE - single-use Grounding Plate (Neutral-Electrodes) for HF-surgery.

All Vermed Grounding pads are made of 1mm PE-Foam and contain a medical grade acrylic adhesive or hydrogel on the aluminum foil. Pads are available in adult, child/infant and premie sizes. They also come as a single plate, splid pad, or with preattached cables. Custom grounding pads are available upon request.

The revolutionary "sling design" of the TWIN-SAFE makes it possible for the first time to use efficiently the symmetry surveillance of last-generation devices fully and completely and with arbitrary electrode orientation. The typical symmetry deviation of the HF current is below 5 % with any orientation of the TWIN-SAFE.

Those electrodes are for applications with HF - surgery devices which support a Contact Quality Monitoring (CQM)

Those electrodes have the advantage that you don't have to take care about a connecting cable for the connection between the HF - surgery device and the neutral electrode any more. You simply have to choose the right type of cable for your device, and you get a complete package for instant application.

Those electrodes are for standard applications with HF - surgery devices which have no Contact Quality Monitoring (CQM).

The advantages of SWAROPLATE Neutral Electrodes:

  • stays in place - The adhesiveness of the foam border and of the conductive gel make sure that the electrode will not come off. This means that there is practically no danger of burnings with SWAROPLATE
  • ready to be used - Just remove the protective sheeting and apply the electrode on the prepared skin. There is no additional gel required!
  • highly flexible with excellent skin compatibility - Gel and adhesive foam are tolerated even by a sensitive skin. There is no gel left on the skin after the application

SWAROPLATE Neutral Electrodes

  • A list of compatible HF-surgery devices is available.
  • Meets the requirements of IEC 60601-2-2:2009.
  • For correctly applied electrodes the maximum temperature rise under standard load according IEC 60601-2-2 is typically < 4°C. Limit according to the standard is < 6°C.
  • NE contact-impedance is typically 1 Ohm (for adult size electrodes).
  • Shelf life is 24 months in the originally sealed bag.

If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable customer service department at 1.800.669.4428, or contact your local Sales Rep. In addition to the stock of every leading OEM chart paper, we can manufacture customer specific sizes and configurations with low minimum order quantities. Please contact us to find, or develop the chart paper for your required application.

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