About Vermed

Founded in 1978, Vermed has built its 35+ years of experience on leading our industry in customer service and manufacturing premium quality medical devices.

The company got its start producing disposable ECG electrodes and has expanded its line to now include other medical products such as Custom Medical Sensors, Novel Neonatal Sensors, Defibrillation Pads, Urinary Catheter Supports, TENS Electrodes and our newest line of PICC, Central Line, IV and Tube Protectors. In addition, Vermed specializes in private labeling our ECG electrode line of products for other companies to take to market.

The Custom Medical Sensors are produced under sub-contracting arrangements with non-disclosure agreements in place to protect the ideas of our partners. Many of these Custom Sensors are for unique applications and our clients rely on Vermed’s vast experience producing printed circuit sensors with a variety of conductive gels.

The patented Urinary Catheter Support was invented by a local physician to relieve the pain and suffering of male patients having to wear a urinary catheter. Vermed has worked with another company to launch a line of PICC, Central Line, IV and Tube Protectors to the marketplace that prevent dislodging of the tubes once they are in place.

Vermed’s employees know that our customers appreciate prompt service and work together to ship most of our products the same day we receive the order. They also have built our reputation on incorporating special requests into part of their daily routines. We strive to keep our customers’ needs as our number one goal.