All Purpose ECG Monitoring


Adult General Purpose Electrodes

Vermed’s VersaTrode line of disposable EKG electrodes are the ideal choice for all adult cardiac monitoring and diagnostic applications. VersaTrode electrodes are designed to provide quality readings in critical diagnostic procedures.

The electrodes feature a diaphoretic adhesive that holds up to stress, holter and other diagnostic testing. VersaTrode electrodes are available in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes to satisfy your preference.

VersaTrode Solid-Gel
The VersaTrode adhesive solid-gel series has a specially formulated solid gel that improves adhesion and ease of application, while reducing the need for clean-up. Available in diaphoretic foam, breathable tape or soft-cloth.

VersaTrode Wet Gel
For those who prefer the quick reading and stabilization of a wet gel electrode, we have the Versa-Trode wet gel line. Available in various shapes, sizes and materials.

Product Literature: 
Product Code Product Description Strip Pouch Box Case
A10005-60-7% 1 1/2" foam, 7% wet gel, all purpose electrode 5 60 600
A10005-7%NB 1 1/2" foam, 7% wet gel, all purpose electrode 5 5 600
A10005SG-60 1 1/2" foam, solid gel, all purpose electrode 5 60 600
A10026T-60 1 7/8" tape, wet gel, all purpose electrode 5 60 600

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