Diagnostic EKG

Vermed Diagnostic EKG products are effective solutions because of features such as using silver/silver chloride technology, having excellent adhesion and clear trace, are disposable, all while meeting or exceeding the AAMI standards for disposable pre-gelled electrodes.

Try our PerformancePlus™ electrode for EKG Diagnostic & Stress and Holter Testing, or our SilveRest™ electrode for Resting EKG Electrodes~Echo, or our T-Tab™ tab electrode for EKG Diagnostic Resting, or our Regal™ large tab electrode for Resting EKG, or our VersaTrode™ electrode for All Purpose ECG Monitoring.

Stress and Holter Testing


Resting EKG Electrodes~Echo


Large Resting EKG Tab Electrodes


Adult General Purpose Electrodes