NeoNatal ECG Monitoring

TenderTrode Plus™

Extended Wear Pre-Wired for NeoNatal ECG Monitoring

5 Day Wear Time GUARANTEED!

Vermed’s TenderTrode Plus line of hydrocolloid products is designed for the unique needs of the neonatal market.

Each product uses hydrocolloid instead of aggressive tape adhesives to prevent irritation to tender skin while providing long-term attachment.

This, coupled with the use of soft conforming materials, ensures patient comfort and product effectiveness in the NICU.

  • Long-term high humidity ECG electrode
  • Hydrocolloid border is safe on Neonatal skin
  • Radiolucent lead
  • Micro premie size available
Product Literature: 
Product Code Product Description Strip Pouch Case
A10055-SRT 1" Diameter Pre-wired, Cloth RT 3 3 60
A10058-SRT 1" x 3/8" Prewired, Cloth RT 3 3 60
A10076 Hydrocolloid Probe Cover 1 50 500
A10077-SRT 1" Diameter Pre-wired, Cloth RT, 5pk 5 5 100
A10079-SRT CANADA ONLY 1" Diameter Pre-wired, Cloth RT 3 3 60
A10080-SRT CANADA ONLY 1" x 3/8" Pre-wired, Cloth RT 3 3 60
A10085 Regular Cannula and Tubing Holder 1 100
A10086 Mini Cannula and Tubing Holder 1 100

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