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PenBlade by Vermed uses existing muscle memory to activate and retract the blade with a simple press of a button. The retractable blade decreases the risk of injury by reducing blade exposure.

PenBlade by Vermed  

Choose from Sony and Mitsubishi diagnostic imaging media providing exceptional image detail, excellent resolution and longevity, and Graphic Controls Ultra 110HD and Ultra 110HG as competitive alternatives compatible with Sony and Mitsubishi printers.
Sony Ultrasound Film Mitsubishi Film
Graphic Controls Film  
Vermed ECG Electrodes are known throughout the industry as the leading choice for diagnostic electrodes. ECG Electrodes come in many different shapes and sizes. At Vermed we offer a variety of Electrodes for all of your patient monitoring needs.
PerformancePlus For Stress & Holter Testing
EMS Electrodes Electrodes Designed for EMS
SilveRest Resting EKG Electrodes
SilveRest Tabs Resting EKG Tab Electrodes
Regal Tabs Resting EKG Tab Electrodes
VersaTrode General Purpose Electrodes
ClearScan Radiolucent Electrodes
SofTouch ECG for Sensitive Skin
Guardian Longterm ECG Electrodes
TenderTrode Pediatric Electrodes
TenderTrode Plus Pediatric / NICU Hydrocolloid Electrodes
NeuroPlus Sleep Study Electrodes
Vermed carries charts for all the latest equipment as well as many older model ECG and stress test recorders. We manufacture to the highest level of quality and OEM specifications.
Cardiology Charts Fetal Charts
Facility Charts ECG Mounts

Vermed Defib Pads were designed with your needs in mind. After years of studying the competitive brands available, the Vermed Innovation Team identified several ways to improve the the defibrillator pads you are using today. Vermed Defib Pads are a step above the other brands.
Defibrillator Pads Defib Pad Standardization Program

The AxoTrack® Technology is composed of two components: a specialized transducer and a sterile procedure kit. Together, they help to enhance your confidence and control during ultrasound-guided interventional procedures. The magnet in the needle interacts with sensors in the transducer to let you plot and reach your target easily while observing the needle's progress in real time from start to finish. Once your target is reached, engage the specially designed needle clamp to secure your needle tip in place during critical moments.

AxoTrack® Needle Guidance Technology  
Vermed offers a complete line of Ultrasound Gels and Accessories.
Ultrasound Gels Probe Covers
Gel Warmers Conductive Media
Disinfectants Fetal Belts
Electrodes and Accessories for Impedance Cardiography Testing (ICG). Impedance cardiography (ICG) is a noninvasive technology measuring total electrical conductivity of the thorax and its changes in time to process continuously a number of cardiodynamic parameters.
BioZ® AdvaSense BioZTECT®
ICG Accessories  

Vermed offers a broad assortment of Cables and Leadwires to work with all equipment manufacturers including GE/Marquette, Philips/HP, Nihon Kohden and Spacelabs.
Cables and Leadwires
Electrotherapy products from Vermed are well known for their high quality and ease of use. Our BioTENS™ and DuraTENS™ Electrodes feature patented multi-layer adhesive hydrogel that ensures maximum durability, longevity and performance. Our Electrodes are made of a flexible and conforming soft cloth or durable moisture resistant foam, allowing single patient placement on a variety of target areas for fast-acting pain relief.
TENS Electrodes TENS Unit
P.N.S Electrodes  
Tissue Seal Histoacryl® Flexible is suitable to close and protect the skin of small and long incisions in a broad variety of surgical disciplines. Stronger and providing enhanced visibility - Histoacryl is the clear choice of skin adhesives when compared to other products on the market.
Tissue Seal  

Vermed manufactures and distributes a wide range of dependable, high quality and easy-to-use consumable medical products, including Electrodes, Grounding Pads, Medical Chart Paper, Safety Scalpels and Ultrasound Gels. We supply products to leading hospitals around the world, working together to advance patient care.

Vermed is the original Medical Chart Paper manufacturer and most diverse supplier of Electrodes, Defibrillator Pads and Cables & Leadwires. Vermed is a privately held multinational organization with 1,300 employees across ten state-of-the-art production facilities. Quality and service are best-in-class with designs based on equipment manufacturer specifications and customer performance criteria. In fact, Vermed private labels many products for global OEMs.

Vermed products are changing the pace of hospital care through enduring innovation. With cost and performance in mind, our products are rapidly becoming a vital component in every hospital department. With a history of excellence dating back to 1909 and a future of innovation in patient monitoring and medical surgical consumables and devices, we have you covered. Vermed is a subsidiary of Nissha.

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